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AR in Education

This section is designed for universities to learn about the combination of Augmented Reality and Education and how AR in education works. 

With a wide range of educational AR apps, you can utilise augmented reality in different fields of education. Below, we've explored the different use cases and examples of how educational institutions are making the most of AR and creating an immersive learning experience. 

If you do not see a subject area covered let us know and we will add content if it exists, or create it if it doesn't! This can include covering more benefits of AR,  updates on education and training  and so on. 

Augmented Reality offers education a step change in immersive learning.

Here is where we see the main opportunities, adding a note of caution that new use cases, applications and results appear daily.

Firstly, in today's visual world learning from text based, 2D based material is perceived as dull and "yesterday". Today, the learning can be far more practical sharing images and experiences through AR technology, enhancing the learning experience without having to leave the classroom or educational settings . 

We will add to the page below as more new examples surface, however, here is what is detailed below:

  • The comparison between the two enterprise ready solutions Microsofts HoloLens and the Magic Leap 2.

  • The University of Miami  and Magic Leap demonstrating the next level in 3D learning.

  • Herbert Business School Dean John Quelch talking to Magic Leap's CEO about the future of Augmented Reality in Education.

  • UC Davis showing Augmented Reality and Neurosurgery with Magic Leap 2

  • The Heru software platform for Eye Health Diagnosis using Magic Leap.

Augmented Reality and Education

In this video Florian Radke talks us through how Augment reality devices can help in Education.

How the learning curve can be decreased.

How we can increase brain productivity.

How we can share information safely in 3D. 

How knowledge transfer can be dramatically improved.

How we learn can be enhanced in a spaceship example.

How the Engineering student can take apart a model spacecraft going into further and further detail with a gesture or click of the fingers. 

Magic Leap 2 V HoloLens 2

Augmented Reality 

There are two Enterprise Players in this market: 

HoloLens 2

Magic Leap 2

Let's Introduce you to the differences

University of Miami 

Magic Leap 2 

University of Miami - Why they use Magic Leap 2 

Watch the Video >>>

Herbert Business School

Dean John Quelch Talks to Magic leap's CEO

<<< Watch the Video

Universities - Medicine

UC Davis 

Professor Kia Shahlaie - Neurosurgery 

<<< Watch the Video 

Eye Diagnostics with Heru and Magic Leap 

Magic Leap 2 

University of Miami 

Watch the Video >>>

How learning can be enhanced with AR

The studies show the human brain process images 60,000 times faster than text.

That 90% of what the brain processes and retains is visual.

Therefore, augmented reality offers a quantum shift in student engagement and learning times, hence why education is extremely interested in augmented reality.    

<<< Watch the Video 


Education sessions with Sphere XR

See how the students interact with 3D images and models.

Review research findings  

In this video both HoloLens and Magic Leap hardware are loaded with the Sphere XR software for students to absorb information faster.

Watch the Video >>> 

More Information below 

These download centres are manufacturer and product specific, highlighting the differences to make assessments easier:

Magic Leap Download Centre Here

Vuzix Download Centre Here

HoloLens Download Centre Here

Case Studies & product comparisons Here

We recommend Test Driving the hardware and software solution together to ensure they meet and exceed the objectives and your budget and return on investment criteria. A test drive will also give you a better understanding of the ar experience which can be utilised within future lessons.

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