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Engineering Case Study RealWear and SimplyVideo XR Connect

Engineering Case Study Realwear and Simplyvideo XR Connect

This page covers 10 areas of a customer case study... 

Featured are:

RealWear HMT-1Z1 Assisted Reality Hardware 

RealWear Navigator 500 - Assisted Reality Hardware

SimplyVideo - XRConnect powershell for the RealWear smart glasses to connect to Microsoft Teams , Google Meet or a WebRTC browser video session.

Global Engineering Company working on gas pipelines with centres of excellence in France, Singapore & the US.        

The Customer 

Global Engineering Company TDW 

Questions addressed:

  1. Why did you select XRConnect over Microsoft Teams?
  2. What Uses Cases did you use the RealWear Smart Glasses for?
  3. What did you like once you used the Hardware and Software together?
  4. What Was the Return on Investment? 
  5.  What Safety concerns did you have?
  6. How has the use of the RealWear & XRconnect service evolved?


Our values

  1. Why did you select XRConnect over Microsoft Teams?
  • IT team evaluated Simply Videos XRConnect and Microsoft Teams.
  • Finding easier to record and play recordings.
  • The lower bandwidth needs of XRConnect made it more practical for field usage.
  • The Quality of video call was smoother with multiple RealWear devices connected as well as internal HQ staff.  

2. What Uses Cases did you use the RealWear Smart Glasses for?
  • First we used simulated Case Studies on the pipelines Pipeline inspection,
  • Pig Pipeline Maintenance
  • Pressurised pipelines Inline Inspection tools
  • Diagnostics on pipeline maintenance / quality

3. Has the nature of your use cases evolved?

Yes, we started to use the Hardware and Software to train engineers internally, pass on best practice and generally share knowledge across the company.

The recording feature helped create a library.


4. Where else do you use the RealWear and SimplyVideo solution?

We use the RealWear Navigator 500 / HMT 1Z1 and SimplyVideo XRConnect in our Training centres where have internal and external (customer) engineers. We train them on the equipment we use including the above.

They are trained by subject matter experts remotely, those Experts are located in the USA in Tulsa, in Singapore and in France.

The use case is therefore both training and remote expert guidance / mentoring.

5. What type of remote expert used the  RealWear and SimplyVideo solution?

The advisor, coach, auditor would be located in an office sometimes on the same continent, sometimes miles, thousands of miles away.  


6. What savings have you made?

We saved thousands of dollars in each training instance connecting subject matter experts in France to:

- Field based engineers in Singapore 

- Training centres in the USA

This paid for the software and hardware many times over which is why post covid we continued using the toolkit.  


7. What battery life did you experience using SimplyVideo and RealWear?

We managed 7 hours worth of training without swapping batteries.

However, the swappable battery feature meant we could "hot swap" the battery without breaking the call.  


8. What environments do you have to be cautious of or have to conform with?

We have both combustible materials in the training centres however , nothing as stringent as the conditions we work with round highly flammable gases and liquids in a pressurised pipe.  


9. Before Covid everyone used to just jump on a plane, did that continue?

No, as soon as we realised the savings we adopted them as standard practice and its is now spreading across the divisions, the latest manufacturing in India, US and Belgium. 


The full video is here:

We have not polished the editing, simply added a slide to show what question we asked and the exact response we got.

As a Summary

The SimplyVideo XRConnect product was preferred over Microsoft Teams as it used less bandwidth, worked with multiple Realwear devices connected with great video quality and the recording solution was faster and more flexible.

The RealWear devices performed in tough highly flammable field conditions admirably. The battery life and hot  swappable feature that enables you to change batteries without interfering with the call you were on.  

The Engineering company paid for the RealWear Smart Glasses and SimplyVideo licenses many times over with travel and accommodation savings.

The Use Cases were:

Auditing Pipelines with a remote expert and field engineer.

Training globally from one geography to another.

Specialist coaching across continents.

Building a knowledge library from highly experienced engineers recording on certain topics so the Human Capital is not lost when someone retires. 


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