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Healthcare Use Cases 

Videos, PDF's of Augmented reality and Assisted Reality Solutions

Healthcare Use Cases

In this page we help you look at Use Cases a different way, we look at the type of technology that works to deliver healthcare facilities management remote inspection, medical training, remote ambulance triage, remote patient visits, dental training with 3D visualisation using either Augmented reality or Assisted Reality solutions.

Other healthcare use cases are medical early diagnosis, medical surgery and operating guidance, surgical platforms for operational guidance, removing the need to glance away at a remote screen, having the digital guidance directly in your line of sight with Augmented or Assisted reality solutions. 

The big use case is remote expert telemedicine, cutting times to train or diagnose or decide the direction of treatment. The example below feature the type of Augmented or assisted reality device and the software used, so that you the reader knows there is already a solution.

We trust you find this guide useful and please do take the opportunity to message us if you have other use cases you want us to either add or discuss using the message form below.            

Vuzix Use Case Ohana

Remote Patient visits

Remote expert use case 

Ohana One Case Study

9 hospitals 

Download the case study here 

Healthcare and Augmented Reality 

Dental Training use case

3D visualisation

Magic Leap 2  


Healthcare Diagnosis 

Magic Leap 2 Eye health diagnosis

Watch the Heru platform video showing how it works


Healthcare and Assisted Reality 

Use Case Operating Guidance

Vuzix Blade case study 

Medacta / Next AR software 

Download the PDF here 

Image 13-02-2024 at 11.35

Healthcare Surgical Platform 

Use Case Operational Guidance 

Vuzix M4000 Helplighting Software 

Download the university of Rochester Case Study Here 


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