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Vuzix Case Studies 

From remote construction audits to intensive medical training, find out how different industries are utilising Vuzix products in the following Vuzix case studies.
CH Four Vuzix M400 Case Study

CH Four 

Remote Audit Sign Off Vuzix Case Study.

Return on investment 1 Audit 

Travel Savings $70,000 

Senior Engineer productivity increase 10X

Download the Vuzix case study here  

Chi Mei Medical Center

The M400 was used by care teams in assessment rooms for intensive care patients.

The care team wear the Vuzix glasses, the remote expert dials into the team, in this case the patient had a blocked heart artery and was experiencing a heart attack.

A fast decision was required to insert an arterial ballon or go straight to the operating theatre. The assessment was made in under a minute.

Download the Vuzix case study here    

Vuzix Chei Mei Medical Case Study M400

Vuzix Ohana One Case Study M400

Ohana One 

Central experts mentor and train surgeons using Vuzix M400

95 surgeons onboarded for training 

44 full surgeries inducted using the Vuzix M400

1,664 life changing operations completed

across 77 hospitals and 6 continents 

Download the Vuzix M400 case study here 

More Vuzix Case Studies

M4000 smart glasses case study

University of Rochester 

Vuzix M4000 Smart Glass Case Study 

Help lighting software allow images and text to be overlayed on the patient to guide the student.

Download the case study here

Vuzix medical case study

Dr Wes Cox Elbow and shoulder surgeon

"I'm not looking at a peripheral site, screen or monitor or anything like that, which is critically important" 

"Having Vuzix glasses gives you the truth, immediately you know that this is what your about to do, what you intended to do"

Download the Vuzix case study here

Vuzix M400 Medical Case Study

Fujitec remote audit of elevators in Japan

Skilled engineers save 70% of time on remote audit of elevators allowing early fault detection using Vuzix M400 Smart Glasses.

Download the case study here

Vuzix M400 Smart Glasses Case Study

Ricoh Japan Deploying Vuzix M400 Smart Glasses

Quality education, high productivity and climate action all delivered in this Vuzix case study

Vuzix Construction Case Study


Clorox Company Save Time & Resources with Vuzix

Remote audits saved $949 per audit giving a payback on return on investment in under 2 audits.

Vuzix Aptus Case Study

Vuzix & Aptus Team Up to Disrupt Supply Chain Industry

See how Vuzix and Aptus disrupt the supply chain industry with handsfree picking.


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