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Some helpful Vuzix FAQ's...

What is the Vuzix M400?

The Vuzix M400 is a lightweight, durable device designed for all day use. They are identified as the world's most powerful smart glasses. 

Is the Vuzix M400 compatible with both Android and iOS?

Yes, the Vuzix M400’s Companion application is compatible with both Android and iOS - with versions available for both.

Can the Vuzix M400 connect to smartphones and other devices?

Yes, the Vuzix M400 enables users to connect it’s Companion application to set up and communicate between your smartphone and M400 device.

What are the specifications of the processor in the Vuzix M400?

The Vuzix M400 features an 8 Core 2.52GHz Qualcomm XR1 processor.


How long is the battery life of the Vuzix M400?

The Vuzix M400 has a variable battery life, depending on the choice of external batteries, ranging from 6 to 12 hours depending on selected the power source.

How much RAM does the Vuzix M400 have?

The Vuzix M400 is equipped with 6GB of LPDDR4 RAM.

Industrial Site Audit  

CH Four Biogas Construction Case Study

  • The Audit process was manual, travel to site which cost $70,000 per annum for the companies Senior Engineers
  • The process involved 3-5 days of travel & remote site visits
  • Now that has been reduced:- 
  • The audits now are conducted remote 2/3 a day 
  • Increasing Senior Engineer productivity 10 fold 
  • Travel savings are $70,000 per annum 

Magic Leap 2


Important Vuzix Downloadable Info...

Find a selection of key Vuzix documents including product overviews, sales overviews, technical specifications and more.

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Smart Glass Overview

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M400 download specification sheet

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Download The M400 Technical Specifications

Vuzix M400 Technical Specifications


Download the full M400 Technical Specifications sheet here

Download The M400c Sales Overview

M400C Sales overview

Download the full Vuzix M400c Sales overview here

Warehousing and Augmented Reality Benefits Whitepaper Download

Vuzix White Paper Warehousing

Find out more about the benefits of using augmented reality in logistics and warehousing in this recent whitepaper. Download here

The Power of Augmented Reality when used by Field based Technicians Download

Vuzix the Power of Augmented Reality with Field Technicians

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