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Magic Leap 2 - Case Study

Lockheed Martin Case Study

With an impressive 90.7% saving in production shift times, we explore how Lockheed Martin utilised the Microsoft HoloLens 2 to achieve such noticeable results...

How did they do it?
Lets start with the problem:
  • The Orion Rocket has 57,000 fasteners that need to be placed in exactly the right place so the Spaceship survives the rigours of space.
  • Getting one in the wrong place can exact a high cost!
  • Technicians used to refer to manuals and measure precise distance to locate the fastener position.
  • It was labour intensive, involved, manuals, measuring devices as well as the fasteners and hand tools for putting them in place.
Shelley Petersen looked at the Microsoft HoloLens and the ability to overlay diagrams on a rocket skin and saw a game changing opportunity.
  • No manuals or measuring devices, simply the gun, fastener and a HoloLens.
  • The technician can now see the fastener location and move at a pace, unencumbered.
  • What used to take an 8 hour shift now takes 45 minutes. Saving 7 hours 15 minutes!
  • What technicians used to take 8 x 8 hours shifts to complete now takes 6 hours!
  • Whilst 90%+ time saving is a quantum shift in productivity, the best was yet to come, in 2 years, not a single error!  
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Lockheed Martin HoloLens Case Study

HoloLens v Magic Leap 2 - "Field of View" Example

Watch the Microsoft HoloLens v Magic Leap 2 v Realwear 500 - "Field of View" comparison below.
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