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Savings in Time and Cost

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Magic Leap 2 - Case Study

PBC Linear Case Study 

With the use of Magic Leap 2, PBC Linear managed to save an incredible 97% in training resources, resulting in some fantastic savings on costs as well as time. We explore exactly how they did this below...
How did they do it?
Lets start with the problem:
The savings, numbers and return on the Magic Leap investment are compelling:
  • $7,200 saving on experienced machinist training costs 
  • $5,760 saving on machinist training time per machinist 
  • $6,080 saving on training managers time
  • Savings per machinist $19,040
  • Payback in Magic Leap 2 investment 5.7x on one machinist! 
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Magic Leap 2 "Field of View" Example 

Watch the Magic Leap 2 v Microsoft HoloLens v Realwear 500 - 'Field of View" comparison below.


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