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 Magic Leap 2 Download Centre  

Explore the Case Studies & compare the Magic Leap 2 to Microsoft HoloLens

Head to Head product comparisons

Magic Leap 2 V HoloLens 2

Magic Leap 2 v Microsoft HoloLens 2

The Comparison focuses on the differences in  Performance and Practicality. 

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Magic Leap 2 

HoloLens 2 


Realwear Navigator 2

Field of View Comparison 

Download the video

Download the Magic Leap 2 Video 

 Download the video here

Magic Leap 2 V HoloLens 2

Magic Leap 2

Microsoft HoloLens 2

5 Key advantages 

That separate them instantly as enterprise options  

 Download the case pdf here


Magic Leap Licensing levels explained.

Answers questions like:

What's the difference between base, developer pro and enterprise licenses?

What do we get in the base package.

How do I upgrade to Developer Pro?

How do I upgrade to Enterprise licensing?

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Magic Leap 2 Hand Gestures

Answers questions like:

How to open the Home screen?

How to do a pinch gesture?

How to do a poke gesture and drag content? 

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Medical Case Study 

Use Case remote Assistance and diagnosis.

Fast Diagnosis of Eye health.  

Impacting one in 4 in the developed world. 

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Industrial Case Study 

Magic Leap 2 

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Medical  Case Study 

Medical Training Magic Leap 2

3D imagining of medical case studies

Training made easy through Brainlab software which takes the Cat scans and MRI's in 3D. 

University of California (UC) Davis used the technology to separate two twins.   

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Magic Leap 2 

Architectural Design Sharing and walk through 

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PBC Linear Case Study  

Industrial Training Use Case 

PBC achieved a 5.7X return on investment in one new machinist saving $19,200 per new starter.

Plus they cut wastage by 20% 

Read the short Case Study to get the key facts Here.

Magic Leap and SENTiAR

See how Mgic Leap & SentiAR combine to create Command EP, where visualisation of anatomy and catheters relationships in 3D is made possible.

  • Reduced Navigation errors
  • Simplified procedural workflows 
  • Physicians in control of cardiac maps 
  • The ability to view lesions and catheters, and the patient's anatomy from any angle in 3D. 
  • How minimally invasive procedures lead to faster recovery and better patient outcomes.
  • The combination of Magic Leap 2 and SentiAR make for better therapeutic decision making.

Magic Leap 2 and Medical Holodeck in 3D. 

Understand the patient's condition in 3D. 

Collaborate seamlessly with operational team mates, experts or students.

  • Regardless of location.
  • Regardless of timeline.

Magic Leap and Sphere

Every day collaboration tool

 Designed for 


More on Sphere and Magic Leap 2

Sphere - Workspace 

Sphere - Expert 

Sphere - Task

Magic Leap 2 - White Papers and Specification downloads

The difference between Augment reality, assisted and pass through reality

Augmented Reality, Assisted Reality and Pass Through

Simple Guide to the difference 

 Download the comparison pdf Here. 

Magic Leap 2 

Eye Tracking detail 

Explains exactly how the eye tracking works



Download the pdf Here.

Magic Leap 2 Eye tracking

Magic Leap 2 hand tracking

Hand Tracking explanation


How it works


Download the pdf Here.

Magic Leap 2 Optics detail

Magic Leap 2 

Revolutionary optics

PDF overview


 Download white paper here Here. 

Magic Leap 2

Spatial audio 

White Paper 

Download the full pdf here  

Magic Leap 2 Spatial Audio

Magic Leap 2 Specification Sheet

Magic Leap 2 

Specification sheet

  • Headset details 
  • Compute Details 
  • Controller details 


Download here 

Magic Leap patented Dimming Technology  

This video explains what you can achieve 

  • Dimming technology 
  • Segmented dimming  
  • Photon Blocking
 Watch the video



Magic Leap 2 Walkthrough

Magic Leap 2

- Visual walkthrough 


download the pdf deck 

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