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Magic Leap 2 - Frequently Asked Questions 

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Magic Leap 2 FAQ's
Magic Leap 2

Helpful Magic Leap 2 FAQ's

What is Magic Leap 2 Dimming technology?

It means with Magic Leap 2 you can innovate in any environment.
Magic Leap Dynamic Dimming™ technology makes augmented reality content more legible and solid across a variety of lighting conditions.
The impact is:
  • No working in dark rooms and seeing nothing.
  • No working in bright light and hardly seeing any detail.
  • See the outdoor test with a coffee area design in bright sunlight - video below:


What is the Magic Leap 2’s Ergonomics like?

At 260 grammes the Magic Leap 2 is lightweight whilst also having the compute has power that doesn't weigh you down.
Wearing the headset all day is therefore easy and aids adoption. See this PBC case study where Magic Leap 2 was used to train new machinists saving 97% of the time it normally took to train them. 


Why is good ergonomics for Magic Leap 2 important for daily use?

Whatever your industry, enhanced ergonomic design and engineering make Magic Leap 2 suitable for extended daily use.
See this manufacturing case study where users wear the headset all day:


How does Magic Leap 2 help you focus?

The most immersive enterprise Augmented Reality device, that lets you concentrate on your daily task, whilst receiving critical information for an expert to solve an issue or viewing helpful digital information.

What is Magic Leap 2’s computer power?

Magic Leap 2 is built to run customised enterprise solutions at scale, with one of the highest compute performance capabilities (CPU/GPU) of any standalone AR device on the market.
Download the Magic Leap 2 Specification Sheet here

Can I wear glasses with a Magic Leap 2?

Available quick swap Prescription Inserts integrate a wearer's prescription lenses directly into the headset itself.
No fumbling, no pressure against your eyes. You wouldn't even know it's there.

Magic Leap 2 prescription inserts


More Helpful FAQ's

See the video of the Magic Leap 2 Field of view v Microsoft HoloLens v Realwear Navigator 500 below.


You'll see for yourself the benefits of the 70% Field of View...


What is Magic Leap 2’s optics like?

They are industry-leading optics, meaning you see more and can do more.
Up to 70° field of view lets you see more.
Best-in-class image performance lets you see more clearly.
Magic Leap 2 lets you see the bigger picture and scrutinise the smallest details.
See this short field of view video showing the comparison between Microsoft HoloLens, Realwear Navigator 500 and the Magic Leap 2:


Can I have multiple inputs with a Magic Leap 2?

Yes, enabling precision where you need it. The user simply opens the right input for the right task. Multiple inputs allow for flexibility, ease of use, and precision.
You can also join the Magic Leap 2 from a Teams, Google Meet or any video enabled device with a Simplyvideo license.


Can I join a Magic Leap 2 from any traditional video hardware?

You can with SimplyVideo’s subscription you can join the augmented reality experience, for a demonstration or try before you buy click here


Can I join a Magic Leap 2 session from Microsoft Teams?

You can have a Microsoft Teams session or attendees join a Magic Leap 2 with the SimplyVideo subscription to XR connect:


Can I Join a Magic leap 2 session from Google Chrome, Google Meet on a desktop or laptop?

You can join a Magic Leap 2 headset from Google Meet with the SimplyVideo XR connect subscription to be found here:


What are the differences between Magic Leap 2, Virtual Reality, and Passthrough Virtual Reality?

Magic Leap 2 is an augmented reality device that maintains its user's view of their environment while integrating digital content within it. Purpose-built for enterprise use, its open platform and industry-leading technology and features are designed to run transformative enterprise solutions.
Virtual Reality provides users with a world escapist experience by completely removing them from their real surroundings and immersing them in a totally digital world.
Passthrough Virtual Reality integrates external-facing cameras into headset to mimic augmented reality. By combining a video feed of its user's world with rendered digital content, passthrough maintains only a limited degree of user's awareness and interaction with the physical world.

How is the Immersive and visual experience different with Magic Leap 2, A Virtual Reality device and a pass-through virtual reality device?

The Immersiveness and visual experience offered by Magic Leap 2, a Virtual Reality (VR) device, and a pass-through virtual reality device exhibit distinctive features.

Magic Leap 2 stands out with its Mixed Reality (MR) capabilities, seamlessly blending digital content with the real world. Through advanced spatial computing and spatial audio, Magic Leap 2 creates a highly immersive environment where virtual elements coexist with the user's physical surroundings. In contrast, traditional VR devices, such as Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, immerse users in entirely virtual environments, providing an all-encompassing escape from reality.

The Magic Leap 2, with its focus on lightweight design and pass-through capabilities, allows users to maintain a connection with the real world while engaging with digital content. Pass-through VR devices, on the other hand, leverage cameras to provide a partial view of the surroundings within the virtual environment, offering a compromise between immersion and awareness of the physical space. Each device caters to unique preferences, with Magic Leap 2 introducing a novel approach to mixed reality, VR devices immersing users in complete virtual worlds, and pass-through devices finding a balance between the two realms.

With Magic Leap 2 are there any Detrimental effects: Motion sickness ("cybersickness") and/or feeling of disembodiment?

The simple answer is no because you stay in the real world and are aided by digital aids, hence reality is augmented by digital aids, hence the term augmented reality.

What are the detrimental effects of virtual reality?

Unfortunately motion sickness is quite common.

What are the detrimental effects of pass-through Virtual reality?

Unfortunately motion sickness is quite common.

What is the user adaptability like with a Magic Leap 2?

The user adapts immediately as it mixes the real world and only adds helpful digital tools you ask for.

What is the adaptability like with Virtual reality devices?

Users adapt slowly as they cannot see the real world.