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Some helpful Magic Leap FAQ's...

What is Magic Leap 2 Dimming Technology?

It means with Magic Leap 2 you can innovate in any environment.
Magic Leap Dynamic Dimming™ technology makes augmented reality content more legible and solid across a variety of lighting conditions.
The impact is:
  • No working in dark rooms and seeing nothing.
  • No working in bright light and hardly seeing any detail.

Can I wear glasses with a Magic Leap 2?

Available quick swap Prescription Inserts integrate a wearer's prescription lenses directly into the headset itself.
No fumbling, no pressure against your eyes. You wouldn't even know it's there.

How does Magic Leap 2 help you focus?

The most immersive enterprise Augmented Reality device, that lets you concentrate on your daily task, whilst receiving critical information for an expert to solve an issue or viewing helpful digital information.

Can I join a Magic Leap 2 session from Microsoft Teams?

You can have a Microsoft Teams session or attendees join a Magic Leap 2 with the SimplyVideo subscription to XR Connect:

Can I join a Magic leap 2 session from Google Chrome, Google Meet on a desktop or laptop?

You can join a Magic Leap 2 headset from Google Meet with the SimplyVideo XR Connect subscription to be found here:

What are the differences between Magic Leap 2, Virtual Reality, and Passthrough Virtual Reality?

Magic Leap 2 is an augmented reality device that maintains its user's view of their environment while integrating digital content within it. Purpose-built for enterprise use, its open platform and industry-leading technology and features are designed to run transformative enterprise solutions.
Virtual Reality provides users with a world escapist experience by completely removing them from their real surroundings and immersing them in a totally digital world.
Passthrough Virtual Reality integrates external-facing cameras into headset to mimic augmented reality. By combining a video feed of its user's world with rendered digital content, passthrough maintains only a limited degree of user's awareness and interaction with the physical world.

New Employee Training 

PBC Linear Manufacturing Sector Case Study

Training new machinist took an experienced machinist off the production line for 6 weeks. New machinists were hard to come by and the training overhead was a real burden.  
  • Savings of $19,000+ per new machinist
  • Saving 5.7x the cost of a Magic Leap 2 
That was just the start...
  • Wastage was cut 20% due to minimal errors lowering production costs
  • Training times cut from 6 weeks to one day
  • A 97% time saving
Magic Leap 2 ROI

Magic Leap 2


Important Magic Leap Downloadable Info...

Find a selection of key Magic Leap documents including product overviews, case studies, field of view info and more.

PBC Linear Magic Leap 2 Case Study

The savings in training time 5.7x the investment in Magic Leap. 
Read the full case study and watch the video here: PBC Linear Magic Leap 2 Case Study 

Download Magic Leap 2 Product Sheet Overview

Download a full product sheet overview here

Magic Leap 2 v HoloLens Field Of View Test Drive Example

70% Field of View is just a number... get a feel for the Magic Leap 2 FOV below: 


Microsoft Cuts HoloLens Team - Jan 2023 News Update

Microsoft Bloomberg Job CutsMicrosoft cuts jobs in HoloLens as cutbacks continue. What does this mean for HoloLens 2? 
Read the full article here

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FAQ's Document - 40+ questions on Magic Leap 2

Download the full Magic Leap 2 FAQ's Question and Answer sheet here

Magic Leap 2 Field of View...

Get a true feel for the Magic Leap 2 field of view, showing you exactly what you can see when using the device.

Field Of View Video

Watch the demo of the Magic Leap 2 v HoloLens and Navigator 500

Numbers are numbers on a specification sheet till you see the impact in real life.
  • The demo shows the field of view
  • It shows what you can actually see
  • Highlights the impact on a real world application
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