Magic Leap 2, HoloLens 2 and Augmented Reality explained.

Learn about Augmented Reality, how others have applied it and the market leading solutions.


Magic Leap 2 product comparison with HoloLens, Case Studies, Use Case Videos, specification sheets, product videos - Click Here
Magic Leap 2 and Vuzix M400 leaders in Augmented reality
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This page introduces you to Magic Leap 2, HoloLens, the differences, the case studies and guides you through FAQ's.

This page will help to educate you on the market leading enterprise augmented reality solutions and answer questions like: What are the use cases? What savings in productivity and time/money can be achieved? What are the differences in the solutions? What is the difference between Augmented and Assisted Reality? What FAQ's should I know? How do I book a Test Drive? Where can I download a specification sheet? What are the key features? We hope it helps you as a guide.     

Product Sheet

View Product Sheet here

Magic Leap 2 - 42 FAQ's (pdf)

Download the Magic Leap FAQ PDF here

Magic Leap FAQ's Page

Magic Leap Information Centre

Book a Magic Leap Test Drive

Access Augmented Reality Tools from Teams, Google Meet, Video equipment.

Expand Reality have a sister company that offers subscriptions that let you access the Magic Leap, HoloLens, Vuzix and many more hardware devices from these enterprise video platforms.

What is the Magic Leap 2 specification?

View Magic Leap 2 Specification Sheet here

How does Magic Leap 2's Augmented Reality compare with Virtual Reality and Pass Through Reality devices?

Download the Comparison Guide to help you evaluate which solution is best for your use case or at least arm yourself with the right questions to ask in your test drive.

Magic Leap FAQ's 42 questions you could ask?

This page answers the first 18 of 42 questions people who looked at Magic Leap 2 or Microsoft HoloLens asked. 
The Full FAQ document can be downloaded here

How do I organise a Magic Leap 2 Test Drive?

Organise a Magic Leap 2 Test Drive here 

Where can I see Microsoft HoloLens Case Studies?

View the Lockheed Martin HoloLens Case Study here

Where can I see Magic Leap 2 Case Studies?

View the PBC Linear Magic Leap 2 Case Study here