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6 Critical Questions We'll Answer on Magic Leap 2 During Your Test Drive...

Does Magic Leap 2 fit my business use case?

Do I need Magic Leap 2 full capabilities?
Do I need to access Magic Leap 2 from a remote location?
Do I need Magic Leap 2 Wearability? All day Use?
Do I need Dimmable light viewing ?
Do i need 70% field of View?
Is The specification right for my IT team?

What budget do I need for Magic Leap 2?

Magic Leap 2's entry level cost £3,370 per device however there are other factors to consider?
Are we using remote experts to dial in and help the user solve issues?
If we are are the accessing the device from Teams, Google Meet or a video enabled device?
Do they need to access Training, designs or information when using Magic Leap 2's?
Where is that stored? 
How do we access that information? 
How does all the above drive the solution cost? 

What is the best solution for my business?

Do I need the basic, pro or developers version?
Do I need the compute?
Can my users with glasses have their prescriptions accommodated?

What will that solution cost?

How Many users am I going to Start with?
What training and support do they need?
Or am I just multiplying the users by £3,370 to arrive at my costs?

What productivity savings or travel savings can i expect to unlock?

Have I productivity gains of 10X I can Achieve?
Is that 10x productivity gain going to unlock further revenue and profitability?
Can I wipe out a $20,000 per employee travel budget by investing in Magic Leap 2?

What is the typical ROI should expect to achieve with Magic Leap 2?

We have seen ROI numbers of between 5.7 x the original cost of the Magic Leap 2 in year 1 IE a payback of Months.
We have also see productivity gains of 10 x allowing businesses to scale revenue and profitability of some very senior engineers.

Why is a Demo/Test Drive of a Magic Leap 2 Important?

Discover the endless possibilities of the Magic Leap 2 by indulging in a remarkable Test Drive or Demo experience. Immerse yourself in the revolutionary world of spatial computing and unlock a new dimension of augmented reality. With a Magic Leap 2 Test Drive or Demo, you can witness firsthand the exceptional features and capabilities that this groundbreaking device has to offer.

Magic Leap 2 Integration of Virtual Objects Into the Real World

One of the key benefits of a Magic Leap 2 Test Drive or Demo is the opportunity to explore the seamless integration of virtual objects into your physical environment. Experience the magic of lifelike holograms and interactive digital content that seamlessly blend with the real world, creating an unparalleled sense of immersion. Whether you're a creative professional, a curious explorer, or a tech enthusiast, this hands-on experience will leave you in awe of the limitless possibilities.

Interact With Cutting Edge Applications

During a Magic Leap 2 Test Drive or Demo, you'll have the chance to interact with cutting-edge applications and software specifically designed for this innovative device. From gaming and entertainment to productivity and education, the Magic Leap 2 offers a wide range of captivating experiences. Engage in breathtaking adventures, collaborate with colleagues in virtual workspaces, or learn in a whole new way through interactive educational content.

Comfort, Wearable and Lightweight Design

Furthermore, a Magic Leap 2 Test Drive or Demo allows you to witness the exceptional comfort and ergonomic design of the device. Discover how the lightweight headset effortlessly fits on your head, ensuring a comfortable and immersive experience for extended periods. Experience the crystal-clear visuals, crisp audio, and intuitive controls that make navigating the augmented world a breeze.

By participating in a Magic Leap 2 Test Drive or Demo, you'll also have the chance to consult with knowledgeable experts who can guide you through the device's features and answer any questions you may have. They will provide valuable insights into how the Magic Leap 2 can enhance your personal or professional life and help you unleash your imagination in ways you never thought possible.


Don't miss out on the extraordinary benefits of a Magic Leap 2 Test Drive or Demo. Immerse yourself in the future of augmented reality and discover a whole new dimension of possibilities.

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