Vuzix - Introduction to an industry leader in Assisted Reality (aR)

Learn about Assisted Reality and what device suits your use case

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Vuzix leaders in Assisted reality
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What does this introduction to the Vuzix Expand Reality range, seek to achieve?

This page seeks to walk you through the why's?

  • Why would I use smart glasses?
  • For what use cases?
  • What's the difference between Assisted and Augmented Reality solutions?
  • How does the Vuzix M400 top seller compare with the RealWear Navigator 500 equivalent?
  • And how do I bring remote experts into a Vuzix smart glasses session, to see what I see? 


Medical Case Study M400
Construction Case Study 
Field Audit Case Study M400
Assisted Reality vs Augmented Reality
Vuzix M400 vs RealWear Navigator 500
How to Connect to Vuzix Headsets From Any Video Platform
Vuzix FAQ's
Vuzix M400 v Navigator 500 - 7 Differences
Vuzix M400 V Navigator Specification Sheets
More Case Studies


What Vuzix use cases are there and what is the return on investment?

This first section takes you through three Vuzix case studies from different industries with different use cases, so that at a high level you can see the benefits in:-
  • productivity savings.
  • time savings.
  • cost savings. 

Access Augmented Reality Tools from Teams, Google Meet, Video equipment.

Expand Reality have a sister company, SimplyVideo, that offers subscriptions that let you access the Magic Leap, HoloLens, Vuzix and many more hardware devices from these enterprise video platforms.

More Vuzix information FAQ's, Case Studies, Comparison v Navigator 500 and Specification Sheets. 

Vuzix FAQ's

View the Vuzix's FAQ's page here

Where Can I See Vuzix Case Studies?

View the Vuzix case study page here

Vuzix Blog M400 v Realwear Navigator 500

Understand the difference between the Vuzix M400 and RealWear Navigator 500 here

Vuzix M400 v RealWear Navigator 500 Specification Comparison here

Compare Vuzix M400 with RealWear Navigator 500 using this technical comparison sheet.