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Construction Use Cases 

Videos, PDF's of Augmented Reality and Assisted Reality Solutions

Construction Use Cases

In this page we help you look at Use Cases a different way, we look at the type of technology that works to deliver Remote Assistance, Health and Safety QCQA, remote inspection, training, and visualising 3D drawing inside the building shell. In each use case either Augmented reality or Assisted Reality solutions have been used to reduce build times, cut errors, improve safety, complete inspections faster. In so doing productivity has been increased and costs reduced.

The Use Cases covered are:-

Remote Assistance using Vuzix M400 or Realwear Navigator 500's and SimplyVideo's XRConnect product, to bring a remote expert into the smart glasses, "to see what I see". Simplyvideo is a powershell piece of Software that uses low bandwidth to enable experts on a Teams, GoogleMeet or SimplyVideo call to access the smart glasses.

Health and Safety GCQA delivered by remote experts using onsite personnel wearing Vuzix M400 smart glasses and SimplyVideo's XRConnect powershell to join using Teams, GoogleMeet or SimplyVideo.    

Remote Inspection using the Vuzix M400 or Magic Leap 2 device couple with the simplyvideo XRConnect smart glasses access.

Construction Training delivered using Magic Leap 2 and 

Construction 3D visualisation of CAD drawings superimposed on a Site or inside a building shell using GeoPogo software and Magic Leap 2 devices.

Construction architectural designs reviewed using Magic Leap 2 augmented reality glasses and Akular Software.   

We trust you find this guide useful and please do take the opportunity to message us if you have other use cases you want us to either add or discuss using the message form below.            

3D Visualisation 

Using a Magic Leap 2 device and Akular software  

The use case removes typical client changes because they cannot visualise the 2D drawings and saves expensive Architectural revisions and changes throughout the build.

Watch the video

Construction 3D visualisation  

3D visualisation using Magic Leap 2 and Argyle Software 

Engineers onsite can see exactly where the pipework, air conditioning and first fix installations go without referring to diagrams or drawings.

Saves time, saves changes, enables any snags to be identified early rather than late.


Remote Expert Use Case  

Magic Leap 2 and Simplyvideo XRConnect software 

Joining a Magic Leap device from Teams sharing designs and collaborating.

See the fast join process that enables you to seat the Teams and GoogleMeet investment without using loads of bandwidth in poor bandwidth conditions. 


Construction design visualisation 

Use Case Construction design concepts

Magic Leap 2 and Geopogo software 

Huge savings in expensive drawing amendments by visualising the design in 3D in situ rather than in 2D on a drawing.  


Inspection and sign off use case 

Here a Magic Leap 2 with Argle Software is used inside a building shell.

The video shows how you scan the QR codes to line up the 3D pipework and Aircon image/design with the internal building shell.

The onsite engineers can then see exactly where everything goes and spot immediately any issues.

Construction Health and safety - remote expert

Construction Health and Safety

The Case Study with Soletanche Bachy International shows the Realwear Hardware HMT-1 Smart Glasses being used with remote expert software XRConnect from SimplyVideo.

The case study covers numerous Health And Safety QA & QC areas as well as remote expert and training, use types.

DownLoad the PDF here   


More useful information 

We will add to the Construction use cases continually to illustrate the Use Cases and Use Types, further detail, downloadable PDF's, Case Studies and comparative  

  • Magic Leap Download Centre Here 
  • Vuzix Download Centre Here
  • HoloLens Download Centre Here
  • Case Studies & product comparisons Here

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