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HoloLens 2 Download Centre

Videos and Uses Cases 

Lockheed Martin Case Study

Orion Space Rocket 

90% increase in productivity

Watch the video


Mercedes Benz

Centralised Dealer Technical Support revolutionised

80% time savings, huge increase in customer satisfaction at the dealers and with their customers

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ZF Automotive Group

Delivering increased productivity 

Fast factory new equipment design, troubleshooting and implementation.


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Design Example Packard Plant

Massive savings in modelling costs, design timescales of this 900 meter long project, collaboration transformed overnight.


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Chevron Group

Two use cases 

Remote Expert and Remote Inspection

Watch how they deploy experts to any chevron site worldwide in under a minute.


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Scada Systems Plant Inspection

See how engineers inspect the plant in real time

Recording detail

Watch the short video


Send us any new uses cases you would like to see and if we can find or make the videos we will post them here