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              The Metaverse Explained

Vuzix FAQ’s (9)

Here we introduce you to the industry

This page is split into two:

The Left Images explain the industry, players and use cases, hardware, software.

The Right Images help you navigate that industry with: Case studies, FAQs, Download Centres, Test Drive options.  

Market Split

The Market Size / Segments

We explain the first two metaverse branches:

  • Hardware - Market Value
  • Software - Market Value

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Expand Reality players

Hardware Players

  • Augmented Reality - Magic leap & HoloLens
  • Assisted Reality - Vuzix and Realwear
  • Mixed Reality - Metaquest
  • Virtual Reality - Apple Vision Pro

We take you through the explanation of each hardware option here  


Software Players

Software Players 

  • Who are they?
  • What issues do they resolve?
  • What use cases are they fit for? 

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